A COST Action has members from many countries who come together to create synergy within their given field. The COST Framework has a Core Committee, consisting of a handful of members democratically elected to assist with the day to day running of the Action, as well as a Management Committee consisting of two members from each country serving as the guidance for the Action.

Core Committee:

Prof Kjersti FlatmarkChair
Dr Faheez Mohamed
Dr Sarah Cosyns
Short-Term Scientific Mission Manager
Prof Norman Carr
(United Kingdom)
Dr Adrian Bartos
Dr Clarisse Eveno
Dr Shigeki Kusamura
Ms Dawn Patrick-Brown
Science Communications Manager

All EuroPMP Participants (* indicates Management Committee Member or alternative):

MemberCountry RepresentingImage
Professor Kurt Van der Speeten *Belgium
Dr Wim CeelenBelgium
Dr Sarah Cosyns *Belgium
Professor Anne HoorensBelgium
Dr Edina Lazovic Salcin *Bosnia-Hercegovina
Dr Carola HaapamäkiFinland
Dr Anna Lepistö *Finland
Dr Pirjo NummelaFinland
Professor Ari Ristimäki *Finland
Dr Heikki TakalaFinland
Dr Anthony DohanFrance
Dr Clarisse Eveno *France
Dr Vahan KepenekianFrance
Professor Marc PocardFrance
Mr Laurent Villeneuve *France
Dr Beate RauGermany
Mr Iaroslav SautkinGermany
Dr Wiebke Solass *Germany
Dr Ulrike Stein *Germany
Dr Christoforos Kokotos *Greece
Professor George Kokotos *Greece
Ms Christiana MantzouraniGreece
Dr Marcel Leppée *Hungary
Dr Jurgen MuslowIreland
Professor Aviram Nissan *Israel
Ms Francesca BianchiItaly
Dr Elena DalleraItaly
Professor Marcello Deraco *Italy
Dr Manuela GariboldiItaly
Dr Annunciata GloghiniItaly
Dr Shigeki Kusamura *Italy
Dr Federica PerroneItaly
Dr Antonio SommarivaItaly
Ms Desiré Viola TrupiaItaly
Dr Andrejs Pčolkins *Latvia
Mr Luca VarinelliItaly
Professor Sergejs Isajevs *Latvia
Professor Gordana Antuleska Belcheska *Republic of North Macedonia
Dr Jasmina Simjanovska *Republic of North Macedonia
Prof Ben DavidsonNorway
Prof Kjersti Flatmark *Norway
Dr Karianne Giller FletenNorway
Dr Annette Kristensen *Norway
Dr Stein LarsenNorway
Dr Christin Lund-AndersenNorway
Dawn Patrick-Brown *Norway
Professor Tomasz *JastrębskiPoland
Dr Tomasz Polec *Poland
Dr Andreas BrandlPortugal
Dr Adrian Bartos *Romania
Dr Dana Bartos *Romania
Dr Alvaro Arjona *Spain
Dr Pedro Barrios *Spain
Dr M Isabel Ramos BernadóSpain
Dr Antonio Romero-RuizSpain
Dr Blanca Rufían AndújarSpain
Ms Francisca Valenzuela MolinaSpain
Dr Peter Cashin *Sweden
Dr Johann Erlandsson *Sweden
Dr Dan AsplundSweden
Professor Emel Canbay *Turkey
Professor Mehmet Gokcu *Turkey
Ms Angela BrookUnited Kingdom
Professor Norman Carr *United Kingdom
Dr Faheez Mohamed *United Kingdom
Dr Reuben PengellyUnited Kingdom
Dr Andrew ThrowerUnited Kingdom