PMP Researchers Gather in Basingstoke

A EuroPMP conference bringing together researchers, physicians, surgeons, radiologists and pathologists was held in Basingstoke, United Kingdom on the 2nd September 2022.

The themes covered during the conference were in harmony with the various working groups within EuroPMP, and many interesting talks were given. Before lunch, an update into the pathological classification of appendiceal neoplasia was given by Professor Norman Carr. Drs Andrew Thrower and Nehal Shah spoke about radiology and the proposal to create a new radiology atlas. As well, an update on PMP biobanking was given by Dr Annette Torgunrud, and Professor Sarah Ennis spoke on molecular genetics and functional genomics in PMP.

Surgical technique talks were given by Dr Alvaro Arjona (minimally invasive surgical techniques), Drs Faheez Mohamed and Ashok Roy (Fibrinogen supplementation during cytoreductive surgery), and Dr Tom Cecil (modified multivisceral transplant for PMP).

After lunch, talks looking into trials and new treatments were delivered with Professor Ed Levine giving a talk on randomised trials for appendix cancer, and Professor Kjersti Flatmark speaking on peptide vaccines for PMP. After these interesting talks, a panel was convened to look into the theme of challenging recurrent PMP cases.

Following the panel, the theme of improving awareness of PMP throughout Europe was addressed. Mr Adam Alderson gave an interesting talk about his journey with PMP, and Angela Brooks from Pseudomyxoma Survivor gave a talk on the role of patient support groups in the PMP therapy journey. Following these interesting talks, Professor Emel Canbay spoke about the potential paths the EuroPMP COST Action could take as it enters its final few months of operation.

We would like to thank the Pelican Cancer Foundation for their great support with organising this interesting meeting, as well as the Peritoneal Malignancy Institute for hosting the event.