Upcoming MC Meeting and Conference

The next EuroPMP Conference is set for the 23rd June 2022 at Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium from 09:45 to 17:30. Many different speakers will be presenting topics touching all areas of research and clinical knowledge around PMP. We welcome both EuroPMP members and any interested parties to join us for this conference.

Members of the Action will be able to attend free of charge. Since non-members of the Action are not covered under our funding, we will be asking a small fee of €50 for each non-member participant to cover associated costs, coffee and snacks, as well as lunch. A Management Committee network dinner will be held after the meeting. Non-members are welcome to attend, but again, a €50 fee will be asked to cover costs. MC Members must cover the costs of their lunch and dinner under the new COST rules. A link to the payment site has been sent via email to all participants, but you may click here if you have lost the email.

Members of the Management Committee are reminded that there will be an MC meeting from 08:30 – 09:30, just prior to the conference.

Eligible members will receive information via email prior to the meeting day, so remember to check your email! Please remember that this is a face-to-face meeting and therefore will not have any official online connectivity, so make your travel plans early!

You can view the preliminary outline of the meeting here.