Upcoming talks

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, meetings of the EuroPMP COST Action have had to be postponed. In order to continue the work of the Action, and to help all our members get to know the work that other researchers are focusing on across Europe and around the world, EuroPMP will be offering short (~1 hour) lunchtime seminars on the Zoom platform once per month beginning in September.

Links to join the meeting will be sent to members via email before the seminar date. All talks take place at 2pm on the stated date.

The next talk will be on the 22nd October 2021, and will be presented by Dr Andreas Brandl who will give a talk entitled “Data Standardisation: Results from a meta-analysis – Moving toward consensus”. This talk covers an important topic for our members as we enter the consensus building phase of the clinical and radiologic parameter discussion, one of the fundamental goals of our COST Action.

We hope to see you all there!

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17 Dec 2021 @ 3pmChallenges of setting up a PSM service in a low-middle income countryDr Raza Sayyed (Pakistan)Link to Video
19 Nov 2021 @ 2pmTBADr Marcello Deraco (Italy)Link to Video
22 Oct 2021 @ 2pmData standardisation: Results from a meta-analysis - Moving toward consensusDr. Andreas Brandl (Portugal)Link to Video
17 Sept 2021 @ 2pmInclusion of Ki67 percent proliferation index in PSOGI PMP classification and proposal for a multicenter validation studyDr. Alvaro Arjona (Spain)Link to Video
18 June 2021, 2pmThe importance and challenges around communications on PMPDr Emel Canbay (Attending Surgeon, Ministry of Health, Turkey)Link to Video
15 May 2021, 2pmRadiology in PMPDr Andrew Thrower (Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK)Link to Video
18 Dec 2020, 2pmThe Patient PerspectiveDeborah Shelton (ACPMP, U.S.A.)Cancelled
20 Nov 2020, 2pmNew advances in the molecular characterization of Pseudomyxoma peritoneiAntonio Romero-Ruiz (Reina Sofia University Hospital and Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC), University of Cordoba, Spain)Link to Video
16 Oct 2020, 2pmData Standardisation - Results of a Meta-AnalysisAndreas Brandl (Fundação Champalimaud, Portugal)Postponed
25 Sep 2020, 2pmPSOGI-EURACAN international clinical guidelines for pseudomyxoma peritonei managementVahan Kepenekian (Hospices Civils de Lyon, France)Link to Video