Ki-67 shows great potential as a stratification biomarker

The identifiation of patients who may require a specific treatment for PMP has long been one of the largest challenges facing doctors. Researchers from Spain’s Reina Sofia University Hospital and Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research of Cordoba (IMIBIC) have published a new paper looking at the potential for use of the tumour proliferation protein Ki-67 as a potential biomarker of disease severity. EuroPMP members Alvaro Arjona-Sanchez and Antiono Romero-Ruiz noted that patients with high grade PMP associated with a high proliferative index in Ki-67 (over 15%) were more likely to suffer from a worse prognosis overall than patients with lower levels of this key proliferation protein. The inclusion of this new biomarker in the patient diagnostic kit could help to ensure patients are assigned the appropriate treatment regimen, in order to improve their survival and their quality of life.

You can read our Spanish colleagues’ paper here.