Are you our new Virtual Network Support Manager?

COST has made it possible for us to appoint a Virtual Network Support manager to help us in delivering digital content to our participants. This new voluntary role will be in charge of creating a virtual network strategy, coordinating the calls for expression of interest for the new Virtual Mobility Grants, and for creating a report of virtual networking activity undertaken by EuroPMP as an Action.

The person who takes on this role will be required to:

  • Prepare and distribute a detailed virtual networking strategy for the entire Action
  • Support planning, preparation for and execution of collaborative activities including online and/or blended meetings
  • Support the selection of hosts for virtual networking and collaborative events
  • Perform analyses of the technical requirements for online and collaborative events
  • Take responsibility for choosing the most appropriate tools for all virtual activities
  • Support the call and evaluation process for the Virtual Mobility Grants

In order to be able to take on this role, it is necessary for the applicant to have:

  • A good understanding of computer-based networking, hardware and software
  • Experience in policy creation and execution
  • Experience with the coordination of multinational online meetings (including planning, preparation and running of the meetings)
  • Experience with video and audio creation and editing and web site building (Adobe Premier, YouTube, CSS, html, etc.)
  • Experience in the teaching of technical topics and support of people using technology
  • Good knowledge of budget management, GDPR and evaluation of applications
  • Excellent English skills (you will be required to work with people from across Europe)
  • Good internet connectivity and access to all major digital platforms such as Google, Zoom and YouTube.
  • Current membership in the EuroPMP COST Action and to be from a full or cooperating member country/MC observer from a NNC.

It is important to note that this advertisement does not constitute an offer of employment, but describes a voluntary post. However, the appointed person will be supported through a grant of up to €4,000 per Grant Period.

If you are interested in applying for this post, please send applications via e-COST by 6th September 2021. The application will require you to outline how  you believe the Action can benefit from virtual networking activities, how virtual networking will help us progress toward our MoU objectives and deliverable goals, how it will help with excellence and inclusiveness, and how you plan to engage the stakeholders. Additionally, you should be prepared to discuss your plans for opening and managing calls, and supporting and advising people who are given Vitrual Mobility Grants. The application should also  include a plan for coordination and reporting of COST events held online and how they fit the overall Action strategy. Successful applicants will be contacted to attend an interview.