New Paper from Finland – Altered linkage pattern of N-glycan sialic acids in PMP

All human cells are covered by sugar coating, mostly consisting of glycan structures attached to proteins and lipids, and this coating frequently shows

Pirjo Nummela

alterations in tumor cells. In their new publication, Finland’s Pirjo Nummela, Anna Lepistö and Ari Ristimäki have analyzed the profiles of a specific class of glycans, sialylated N-glycans, in PMP tissues compared to both normal appendices and the original appendix tumors (LAMNs). According to their results, PMPs present increased expression of glycans able to function as ligands of Siglecs and selectins, which may play a role in the peritoneal dissemination and progression of the disease. Further, the glycan profiles of PMPs suggest that the process of its peritoneal dissemination might resemble that of peritoneal endometriosis.

Pirjo, Anna and Ari’s new paper can be read here.