Intraperitoneal Mitomycin C Improves Survival in PMP

EuroPMP’s own Professor Kjersti Flatmark and colleagues have published new findings showing that the use of mitomycin C with intraperitoneal chemotherapy (IPEC) during cytoreductive surgery doubled survival times and reduced tumour growth in a xenograft model when compared to surgery alone.

In a signet ring cell model of high-grade PMP, three different methods were tested: normal cytoreductive surgery (CRS), CRS and intraperitoneal chemotherapy of normal temperature and CRS with hyperthermic IPEC (HIPEC). After examination of the methods, it was found that tumour weights were noticeably lower in the groups receiving either IPEC or HIPEC when compared to cytoreductive surgery alone.

While more testing will be needed to confirm this finding in humans, the research points to a potential role for CRS-HIPEC with mitomycin C in the treatment of difficult PMP cases in humans.

The article can be accessed through this link.