EuroPMP Completes First STSM

The first Short-Term Scientific Mission participant for the EuroPMP project has completed their residential training at Oslo University Hospital’s Institute for Cancer Research. Researcher Antonio Romero Ruiz from the University of Córdoba (IMIBIC-University Of Córdoba, Spain) visited the Institute to learn how to work with mouse models of PMP. Antonio will take his new-found knowledge back to his lab to begin working on characterising the genomic profile of PMP, including working on the proteomic profile of the disease using SWATH technology. He will also be looking to use these new techniques to work on identifying physiological pathways (including splicing, oxidative stress and inflammatory marker pathways) involved in the disease process in order to identify new targets for drug therapy in PMP.

Antonio is a post-doctoral researcher whose past experience has included work into identifying the cellular mechanisms responsible for oxygen sensing (hypoxia) in Parkinson’s disease (Seville, Spain), and the role of kisspeptins in reproduction, metabolism and cancer (Cambridge, UK). Since 2018, he has been a post-doc researcher with Dr Manuel Tena-Sempere’s group, and in December of 2018, he began working as a co-Principal Investigator with EuroPMP member Dr Álvaro Arjona.