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    PMP Researchers Gather in Basingstoke

    A EuroPMP conference bringing together researchers, physicians, surgeons, radiologists and pathologists was held in Basingstoke, United Kingdom on the 2nd September 2022. The themes covered during the conference were in harmony with the various working groups within EuroPMP, and many interesting talks were given. Before lunch, an update into the pathological classification of appendiceal neoplasia was given by Professor Norman Carr. Drs Andrew Thrower and Nehal Shah spoke about radiology and the proposal to create a new radiology atlas. As well, an update on PMP biobanking was given by Dr Annette Torgunrud, and Professor Sarah Ennis spoke on molecular genetics and functional genomics in PMP. Surgical technique talks were given…

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    Many Topics Covered at EuroPMP Conference

    The EuroPMP COST Action held their annual MC meeting and a conference with all members invited today. It was our first “face to face” meeting since the COVID -19 pandemic began. Despite the airline strike, many people were able to attend, and good discussions ensued within the group throughout the day. The programme included many talks on a variety of topics, including pathology, radiology, clinical research, molecular genetics, and reports from various working groups who have been working to achieve the goals of the Action. Also joining us at the conference this year were representatives of the patients, including a PMP survivor (BE), and Susan Oliver (UK) from Pseudomyxoma Survivor,…

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    Upcoming MC Meeting and Conference

    The next EuroPMP Conference is set for the 23rd June 2022 at Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium from 09:45 to 17:30. Many different speakers will be presenting topics touching all areas of research and clinical knowledge around PMP. We welcome both EuroPMP members and any interested parties to join us for this conference. Members of the Action will be able to attend free of charge. Since non-members of the Action are not covered under our funding, we will be asking a small fee of €50 for each non-member participant to cover associated costs, coffee and snacks, as well as lunch. A Management Committee network dinner will be held after the meeting. Non-members…

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    4th annual Nordic Peritoneal Oncology Group Meeting

    EuroPMP members attended the 4th annual Nordic Peritoneal Oncology group meeting on March 9th, 2022 in Helsinki, Finland On Wednesday March 9th, the Nordic Peritoneal Oncology group was again able to organise a face-to-face meeting in Helsinki. Participants from peritoneal oncology centers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland participated, many of whom are also members of the EuroPMP COST Action, including Dr Anna Lepistö, who hosted the meeting.  The Helsinki team had put together a varied and interesting scientific program, focusing on the clinical and research activities from the past two years at the participating centers, including activities relating to PMP. Of particular interest regarding the clinical activities, EuroPMP members…

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    Solidarity with Ukraine

    The recent outbreak of war in Ukraine has left us all understandably horrified. The distressing situation that our Ukrainian colleagues, their friends and family have been placed in has rightfully occupied our minds greatly since the beginning of this crisis. Following on from the statement by the Presidents of the European Commission, EuroPMP adds their name to the long roster of countries and organisations that stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We recognise that this situation is difficult and that our friends and colleagues may require some extra support at this time. EuroPMP stands ready to provide support to both Ukrainian and its neighbouring countries. We ask that our…

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    New review paper collates knowledge on PMP

    EuroPMP members Antonio Sommariva and Maria Luisa Calabrò and their team have published a new review of clinical evidence in the search for a cure for PMP. Dr Sommariva stated “This narrative review summarizes the new perspectives in Pseudomyxoma peritonei treatment, focusing on the issues of standardization, quality of surgery and potential molecular targets for personalized treatments.” You can read this very interesting paper here.

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    New Vaccine Treatment for GNAS

    Researchers from Oslo, Norway have released a new paper outlining the potential for use of a peptide vaccine to help patients with PMP exhibiting mutation in GNAS. They write: “Patients with GNAS-mutated pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) have a pre-existing immunity against mutated Gsa. Inhibition of anti-tumor T-cells by upregulation of immune checkpoint molecules results in insufficient immune response. The results suggest exporint peptide vaccination with Gsa peptides in combination with immune checkpoint inhibition as a possible curative treatment for PMP and other GNAS-mutated cancers.”     You can read this new paper here.

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    Upcoming talks

    Due to the COVID-19 crisis, meetings of the EuroPMP COST Action have had to be postponed. In order to continue the work of the Action, and to help all our members get to know the work that other researchers are focusing on across Europe and around the world, EuroPMP will be offering short (~1 hour) lunchtime seminars on the Zoom platform once per month beginning in September. Links to join the meeting will be sent to members via email before the seminar date. All talks take place at 2pm on the stated date. The next talk will be on the 22nd October 2021, and will be presented by Dr Andreas…

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    Are you our new Virtual Network Support Manager?

    COST has made it possible for us to appoint a Virtual Network Support manager to help us in delivering digital content to our participants. This new voluntary role will be in charge of creating a virtual network strategy, coordinating the calls for expression of interest for the new Virtual Mobility Grants, and for creating a report of virtual networking activity undertaken by EuroPMP as an Action. The person who takes on this role will be required to: Prepare and distribute a detailed virtual networking strategy for the entire Action Support planning, preparation for and execution of collaborative activities including online and/or blended meetings Support the selection of hosts for virtual…

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    Ki-67 shows great potential as a stratification biomarker

    The identifiation of patients who may require a specific treatment for PMP has long been one of the largest challenges facing doctors. Researchers from Spain’s Reina Sofia University Hospital and Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research of Cordoba (IMIBIC) have published a new paper looking at the potential for use of the tumour proliferation protein Ki-67 as a potential biomarker of disease severity. EuroPMP members Alvaro Arjona-Sanchez and Antiono Romero-Ruiz noted that patients with high grade PMP associated with a high proliferative index in Ki-67 (over 15%) were more likely to suffer from a worse prognosis overall than patients with lower levels of this key proliferation protein. The inclusion of this…